Sunday, June 6, 2010

Organic Co-op Food

My food co-op is now delivering organic food to our pick up location, so I gave it a try. It cost $10 more ($36), and the organic baskets had less food and different food from the regular baskets. But it is still a good deal for fresh fruit and veggies—especially all organic.

We got peas, mangos, cantaloupe, mini peppers and beets, which I love, and the others didn’t. But they got strawberries and blackberries and some other stuff that we didn’t. All the food was good and yummy. The avocados were definitely smaller. We also got apriums, which are apricot/plums—sort of like the Labradoodles of the fruit world I guess. They were okay. My daughter the adventurous eater liked them. Sometimes I wonder if buying organic is worth it. Can I really afford it? And aren’t these pollutants all around us anyway? In the water, air, plastics, etc? But then, if it’s only ten dollars more, why not? A little less pesticide has got to be good for you, right?

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