Thursday, March 18, 2010

What to Eat

I’ve been making recipes from a paleo blog called Dialed-In Nutrition at

Some of it has been really yummy and some of it has been okay. I was really excited to try the paleo ice cream from March 1, which the blogger said even her kids liked, but then it wasn’t too tasty. It used coconut milk, berries, banana, vanilla, and nuts. Here are two disclaimers though. 1) The quality of coconut milk could have made a difference. We used Sun Luck. 2) Doug made it while I was out and you just never know what could happen there. For instance, did the baby throw in some salt while he wasn’t looking? Did he use balsamic vinegar instead of vanilla? I’m sure he didn’t put nuts in because he’s not always a nut fan. Also, if you let it freeze the whole way it just becomes a big rock that you can’t eat unless you have a pick ax or let it melt for a while.

Doug liked the chili from February 18. I liked it but didn’t love it, too many sweet spices for me: cocoa, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon. Shepherd’s Pie from February 25 was good. I liked it, and Ali liked it. The boys didn’t like it a ton. Doug doesn’t like cauliflower, and it did have a bit of cauliflower taste. I think it might not be as strong a taste if you steam the cauliflower before baking the whole thing.

I am going to try the lime chili pork tenderloin from March 11, the chicken soup from March 7, and the quiche from January 29.

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