Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Bountiful Baskets and Feats of Strength

Look at all that yummy food for $30!

This week we tried the bread and Mexican pack through our veggie co-op. The bread is really yummy and a great price--$10 for five loaves of 9-grain bread. The loaves are a little smallish but still a great deal. We won’t eat all five loaves quickly so I stuck three loaves in the freezer. We’ll see if they taste okay defrosted.

The Mexican pack was delish, too. We got a bunch of tomatillos, really fresh cilantro, green onions, jalapenos, limes, avocados, and garlic. I have never bought tomatillos before so that was a fun little adventure learning to cook with them. I found a couple of really yummy recipes for salsa verde and chicken tomatillo stew. 

As for feats of strength, once again, I’m surprising myself and my body is doing things that my brain does not think I can do. Today our “cash-out,” or the final part of our workout, was 20 handstand push-ups. Ho, ho, ho, ya right. My arms felt too tired to even do a plain, old handstand. But then a girl who does about the same amount of weight/resistance/times as me kicked up her heals and started doing handstand push ups. I looked on amazed. “You can do it,” she told my stunned looking face. “Really.”

So I got three ab pads, which made a little stack about 8 inches high, and put them against the wall.  That’s how most of the women scaled back the push-ups so that they were not having to let their heads all the way down to the floor. I thought they would protect my head when I crumbled in a heap.  I took a running start and flung my feet over my head. My heels hit the wall and for a second, I was surprised just to be doing a handstand. Then I flexed my arms a little and let myself down. My head hit the pad, and I pushed myself back up. I did about seven of those, but I started laughing because I had stacked up so many pads that I was barely able to move down the wall, ee, ee, ee, ee, (that’s a tiny squeeking sound). So I got back on my feet and took off one of the ab pads. I got back into a handstand and did few more reps, rested, and did a few more. Before I knew it and to my astonishment, I had done 20 handstand push-ups.

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