Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mountain Bike Race at Five Mile Pass

This is how the terrain looks at Five Mile Pass. The race went up and down all the foothills in the mid-ground.

Race number two: I almost beat my sister! She started out faster and took off into the hills. I figured I wouldn’t see her dust until I crossed the finish line. But then, not too far into the trail, as I approached a steep climb, I saw her ahead, walking. “Are you okay?” I asked her as I rode by. “Just went out too fast,” she said. I was ahead of her for most of the race, but then in the last half mile (or maybe even less) she passed me and beat me by just a few seconds. She came in second, and I came in third. I think I was stronger on the MANY steep climbs, but she is stronger in endurance. She rides more often, and I, of course, crossfit more often. We missed the snow in the morning, but after our race it started to hail. Buh-bye trail. See my sister's version of the story at
I missed crossfit for five days and wondered if I would lose strength that quickly. Nope. I actually did better than I ever have on my front squats today (squats while holding the bar up by your neck and kind of resting it on your clavicles). My best one rep max was 90 pounds, and today I did 5 reps of 80 pounds—so I think I could definitely do more on a one rep max. Also, I am down to two bands on the pull-ups. I did that a while ago but forgot to mention it.

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