Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back for more last night. I wasn’t the slouch of the group, probably because we did more exercises that used leg strength. I think running, cycling, and soccer have kept my legs pretty strong. So that helped with the final WOD, which was squats, box jumps, and pull-ups. (I can’t remember the reps for each, maybe 20-15-10?) We did as many sets as we could in twelve minutes. I tried to be intense, ignore the pain, and sweat a lot. You know be really tough. Doug says I don’t really have that killer instinct. I have to agree. Most of my fitness moments are made up of women chatting while running or riding. I might be looking for birds while hiking along a pretty trail, or stopping a mountain bike ride to sniff a flower.

When I started playing women’s soccer, I upped my intensity and tried to do more interval/speed workouts. I couldn’t keep up with all the women who are ten years younger than me! But this is all-round, all-body intensity. At least they let me do my pull-ups with four giant elastic bands. The bands are hanging from the pull-up bar. You put your foot in the bands, and it gives you a little bounce/lift to get your chin up to the bar. I was able to do a few reps. I wouldn’t have been able to do any without my lovely stretchy bands.

My arms are pathetic, and then there’s my core—or lack of it. I’m not sure that it will ever be the same after being pregnant with twins. Carrying 16 pounds of baby on a 5’4” frame did a major number on me. The “twin skin” is stretched out and flabby, but I think maybe the muscles underneath were damaged too. Or maybe that’s just my excuse for having no core strength and still looking like I’m five months pregnant.

And what’s a WOD? That means workout of the day. Everyone does the same workout, just scaled to your own ability. There’s a lot of CrossFit jargon. I think I’ll catch on, eventually.

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