Monday, January 18, 2010

My Foundations group is cool. Seven women and an amazing trainer. Everyone is probably more fit than me, since I haven’t really been doing anything regularly for the last three or four months. Rachel, a yoga instructor, is probably the most fit. She is already doing squats with 60 pounds on her back and throwing the medicine ball 10 feet in the air with impunity. Everyone else is kind of at various levels of fitness with various strengths. Some are good at sit-ups, some at push-ups, some at kettlebells. None of us can do a pull-up without bands except the hallowed trainer Robin Lyons, who can jump up to the bar and demo five pull-ups while chit-chatting about points on proper form and explaining what a kipping pull-up is and looking like she might just have a little cup of tea while she is at it.

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