Thursday, January 21, 2010

The good things so far. I’m trying to eat better and eat more protein. I’m making a hot breakfast of eggs or oatmeal for the fam. Even Doug is eating breakfast, which he never does, because I came home and gave him a lecture about how he has to eat regularly to keep his metabolism going. Robin (trainer) was adamant about that. You have to eat breakfast and you have to eat enough protein and fat to keep your body from feeling starved and trying to store fat. The protein helps you burn fat and have energy.

I love having breakfast together. It is really fun. I don’t know how I made the time. I guess it really only takes me a few more minutes to make eggs than to pour cereal. And the kids now think I’m supermom. Doesn’t take much!

Why do I resist things that are good for me? I know why I resist, cause it’s hard—but I feel so much better eating right and working out. As it says on our Crossfit web site, "The pain of discipline or the pain of regret...YOU choose." For me, the discipline is so worth it. I feel better. I get stuff done. I do more for my family. And all that even though I’m taking up time to work out. I magically have more time even though I’m taking time for myself. I think I’ll call this “Sunny’s Magic Theory of Relativity.”

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