Friday, January 29, 2010

I’ve been up Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and today Friday to workout. It sounds like torture—the waking up and the working out, but I am really liking it. I’m not gonna say love, that would be a little nuts. As in yes, please beat me with a stick. But I do love how I feel. I already feel better, physically. It’s almost like that feeling after you have a baby. Pregnant, you are so tired, you can hardly walk up a flight of stairs and you can’t reach down to do up your shoe laces. Then you have the baby and a few days recovering, you feel so light and mobile. You want to jump on a trampoline or ride a bike. You walk up the stairs without holding the railing!

Jared, one of the other trainers who is also a great guy, told me I need to eat before I workout—even if that means before 6 am. That is weird. I’m not used to eating that early. He gets up and has whole milk and a banana and an apple. I really wish I liked bananas. He also said that you need to refuel, or whatever the word was—essentially replenish your energy, right after working out. It seems like a lot of people at the gym drink protein shakes. That is another thing I have never done. It seems so processed and un-whole-foody. Can it really be good for you? The whole eating thing is getting complicated, but I’ll just take it one day at a time. So far, I am really enjoying the high-protein egg breakfast.

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