Friday, February 19, 2010

How Crossfit Translates to Cycling

Of course this isn't me and my riding gang in St. George. (But maybe one day.)

A moment of truth. Last Saturday I went for my first road ride of the year. I was really curious to see how I would do. Were my short but intense Crossfit workouts really going to help me with cardio/endurance sports? Robin (trainer) kept assuring me that Crossfit would increase my VO2 max, and that I would do better on my runs and rides. And I am surprised to report that she is right.

On Saturday I rode with the lovely Heidi, her uncle, and his friend. They ride almost every day, and Heidi hasn’t been riding, but she is running between 20 and 30 miles a week. I have been running maybe 3 miles a week! We rode 27 miles, moderate pace, and I felt great and kept up with everyone, no problem. I was amazed. Like I said, it was no killer sprint kind of ride, but it was a substantial distance and I felt great. Crossfit magic.

A short report on my bountiful baskets food. Almost all the food has been yummy except the pineapple we cut into today. Gross, flavorless. The herbs are dee-lish and lasting a long time. I love having fresh parsley to mix into tuna or fresh oregano for a Greek salad. Tonight I am making salmon with pesto. I made the pesto with the fresh basil from the basket, and I added pinenuts and olive oil but no parmesan. I guess that makes it a little less fatty and still tastes good.

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