Friday, February 12, 2010

Tonight I’m having a little get together in honor of the Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics. It is so fun to see my HOME TOWN and old stomping grounds on television. And I always love watching the Olympics.
I’m serving maple-glazed salmon (very northwesty), edamame (since there’s tons of yummy Asian food in Vancouver), fruit tray, veggie tray, hummus, and I thought about buying blackberries (which grow wild in Vancouver), but I put them back because as Ali says, “The ones from the store don’t even taste like blackberries.” I hope my friends enjoy the “cleanse” party food! Well, I did buy a few treats for the kiddies.

Today the work out was 400 m run, 15 box jumps, and 15 wall balls (throwing the medicine ball 9 ft. in the air against the wall, catching it, squatting, and throwing again). We did three rounds of that for time. I am proud to say I was the fastest in our group…umm, but the truth is, I did my jumps on the lowest box and only had an 8 pound medicine ball. I’m ever so scared they are going to move me up to the 18 inch box. It’s practically up to my waist! Then instead of being the first one finished, I will be the first one to wipe out and scrape my face on the edge of the box.

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  1. sunny i had no idea that you were from Vancouver???? I just spent three weeks there and it was absolutely fantastic!!