Friday, February 5, 2010

Okay, now I know why they call it a cleanse… What does it say in the cleanse rules, veggies will “scrub your system”? Yup, uh huh.

I should have bought the Omega-3 eggs at Costco because they are $5.99 for 48 eggs. But I bought two 24-packs of the extra large eggs.

Can I eat Canadian bacon even though it is processed meat? Am I a medium or small sized woman? These are the questions I ask myself and must find answers to.

Raspberries gone in one day, strawberries two days, cucumbers three days. I spent another $40 on fruit and veggies, including for a superbowl party. I brought a fruit platter and my friend was kind enough to make veggies and hummus.

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