Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On Saturaday we picked up our first bountiful baskets order. Here is what we got:

3 grapefruits (which we discovered were pomelos when we cut into them, not my favorite but we made a yummy spinach salad with them)
5 fuji apples
4 cucumbers
5 small yams
2 tomatoes
honeydew melon
butternut squash
baby bella mushrooms
elephant garlic
flat-leaf parsley
6 corn
2 big onions

For $27. The herbs were $7.50. So I could have gotten the other fruit and veggies for about $20. A steal! And so far everything has been fresh and yummy.

The food is not really as "local" as I thought. Most of it is from Arizona and some from Northern Mexico, but I guess that is closer than Chile. So I hope it is somewhat more ripe when it's picked and the shipping times are shorter.

The site also has guidelines on storing the food, which is really helpful. For instance, you can put the fresh herbs in a glass of water the same way you would cut flowers. Then put the entire thing (jar and herbs) in a plastic bag and seal the top. My herbs are still fresh after a few days. I made some pesto with the basil and added pinenuts and olive oil but no cheese. It's still dee-lish.


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