Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I’m a Three-Band Girl

I’m talking about pull-ups, of course, not being a rock band groupie. I have moved up (down?) to three bands on the pull-up bar. So at this rate, I’ll be able to do a pull-up without bands in four and a half months. That sounds kind of long, actually, but doable. I’m still very motivated because I feel like I’m getting stronger all the time. When I can see progress, that keeps me going. Just a few weeks ago I started out doing 65 pounds for my deadlift (lifting the weight bar from the floor to my hips). Now I am up to 105.

Now my enlightenment on herbs. The bountiful baskets web site has a section on storing produce, and I learned an amazing way to keep herbs fresh. My oregano, flat leaf parsley, and rosemary are all fresh as a daisy after more than a week. You can see how it works in the picture. You put the herbs in water the way you would put fresh flowers in water. Then you put the entire container with the herbs in a plastic bag and seal it. The water condenses inside the bag and seems to keep the herbs really fresh.

I also saw some really cool herb containers in Real Simple magazine.


From their web site:

Pour water in the base and the humidity-controlled pod will keep parsley, sage, and their friends fresh for three weeks.
To buy: Herb Savor Pod, $20 each or $40 for three, prepara.com for stores.

Zip lock bags are cheaper though.

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